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User Guide


Home Page

You can easily start your online shopping experience at home page After visiting the page, you can first look through our special offers, which will randomly flash on the top center of the page. Use the search bar to find any product you need. Just enter the product or brand name you are looking for.

Вход и регистрация

Before you can place an order, you first need to register with us. If you’re already registered, log in. To register, open «Login and register» menu on the top right side of all pages, then click Register. Fill in your email and password (must be at least 6 characters), then retype your password and enter the code. You can also subscribe for our newsletters by checking the box below the code. After logging in visit your profile and fill in your personal and contact details.
• First name and last name
• Delivery address(es)
• Your fixed phone number
• Your mobile phone number

You don’t need to log in unless you are going to do shopping. But after adding the products to your cart and clicking ‘Checkout’ you must log in.


In there are several modes of payment.
1. Online. We support payments with Arca payment system. If you are already registered with this system, then after completing the order you’ll be redirected to those websites, where you can log in and pay.
2. Cash. Pay for your order with cash to our delivery person.